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Lawn and Tree Fertilizing

We provide the most suitable lawn fertilizer services, helping you maintain a beautiful, attractive, and vibrant landscape for your property.

Tree and Shrub Insect Control

Get an insect-free garden, trees, and shrubs with our pest control services. We offer to preserve the beauty of your nature with our tree and shrub care service!

Spider Barriers

Get rid of little pests, insect invaders, spiders, and their web with the spider spraying services we offer at ARK Green Works.

Water Management Solutions

Water intake of plants is season-specific! Here, with our water management solutions and lawn and tree service, we help you along with the watering schedule.

Pruning and Yard Clean Ups

At ARK Green Works, you can put your trust in our experts to take care of the trimming and pruning processes of your yards.


Hire our experts and avail the most potent aeration services. We help your trees grow stronger with durable and tough roots.


What clients Say about us

We would recommend this company to others and appreciate the service

Jeff S

Great guy very knowledgeable will have him continue to for my yard.

Darrell C

Very very good, knowlegdebale and helpful.

Vik G

Good guy, very personable, honest and knowledgeable and willing to go above and beyond expectations, very resonable pricing

Cal C

He said he would come and get the work done at a certain time and did. he also kept me updated on the
approximate time. Everything was perfect

Sambath R

Kurt Seemed very knowledgeable about identifying diseases and spent time to thoroughly evaluating my front and back yard. he answeredall of my questions and gave me some tips before he left. I think his pricing is very reasonable.

Kathy M.

Very professional and prompt in responding. Kurt showed up on time and diagnosis any problems. Provided a solution on any of the issues in the landscape.

Maggie M



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